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Honeywell x Dimer: Strategic Global Partnership

On May 31st, 2020, Dimer entered into an exclusive strategic partnership with Honeywell to bring germicidal UV lighting technology to airplanes around the world.

Dimer Lands Strategic Partnership With Honeywell Bringing Its "GermFalcon" Product-Line To Airline Recovery

Dimer LLC announces that it has entered into an exclusive, worldwide strategic partnership with Honeywell International Inc. to bring germicidal UV lighting technology to the Aerospace industry. The arrangement brings Dimer’s 6-year development of GermFalcon, now branded as the Honeywell UV Cabin System, to global aviation. This strategic partnership will separately enable Dimer to further commercialize and deploy its germicidal UV technology platform known as UVHammer for healthcare. This breakthrough application of germicidal UV is expected to benefit public transportation, education, hospitality, buildings, theaters and arenas, and small businesses alike.

Dimer is an innovator in germicidal UV light technologies to reduce pathogens in healthcare, transportation and shared spaces. Although limited testing has been done specifically as to effectivity against COVID-19, clinical tests show that properly applied, germicidal UV light can reduce various bacteria and viruses on exposed surfaces. The technology is non-toxic, uses no chemicals and is sustainable.

“We are excited to work with Honeywell. This positions our GermFalcon system in the hands of a leader in worldwide aerospace design, production and sales. We look forward to Honeywell quickly making this technology available to airlines and other aircraft operators so the industry can begin its recovery,” says Elliot M. Kreitenberg, Cofounder and President of Dimer LLC.

Dimer expects to bring the UVHammer to market for a multitude of non-Aerospace vertical applications in July.

UV Disinfection That Just Works.

Why Dimer?

Dimer’s patented solutions represent the first true application of UVC disinfection technology that can be effectively and efficiently used in any commercial setting.

We are the only mobile operator-driven UV disinfection solution on the market – enabling a faster and more agile approach to traditional UV applications.

In addition, Dimer’s patented variable angle lamp design enables an orders-of-magnitude advantage in efficiency and effectiveness over traditional vertical UVC applications.

Patented Technology

Dimer holds 14 unique patents revolving around the application of UVC disinfection.

Proven Research

Dimer’s disinfection solutions have been validated on efficacy and safety through a third-party Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). 

Leaders in UVC Safety

Dimer’s solutions integrate redundant safety measures to ensure the highest degree of safety to both the operator and patrons.

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TIME Best Inventions of 2020

On November 19th, TIME revealed its annual list of Best Inventions, with Dimer’s GermFalcon honored in the Transportation category. Dimer’s GermFalcon, now rebranded as Honeywell’s UV Treatment System, is a revolutionary Ultraviolet (UVC) decontamination solution designed for airplanes and is capable of treating an entire cabin in under 10 minutes.

Hospital Grade UV Disinfection

There are no known disease causing pathogens that are resistant to UVC light.

A Different Approach

Dimer’s mobile design is the first of its kind operator driven UVC solution –  ensuring absolute agility in any commercial setting.

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The UVHammer incorporates redundant safety features ensuring the highest degree of safety for operators and patrons


A single UVHammer can disinfect upwards of 12,000 ft² an hour*


The UVHammer can be easily implemented into any existing sanitation procedure with training taking just a few hours


The UVHammer is capable of killing 99.99% of germs on any high touch surface


The UVHammer is a battery operated  solution – eliminating material waste that often comes from traditional chemicals


The UVHammer delivers high doses of germicidal irradiation each and every time

GermFalcon for Transportation

Mobile UV Disinfection for transportation markets including aircraft, trains, busses, & ferries
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“Honeywell is excited to provide the Honeywell UV Cabin System to the aerospace market to help restore passenger confidence in air travel. The system provides a fast, consistent, and effective process that airlines can use between flights for cleaning high-touch surfaces.”

Bob Lenz
Director, Lighting Products

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“As we look to add additional layers of protection by utilizing cutting-edge technology, we have identified the Honeywell UV Cabin System [Dimer’s Germfalcon] as a potential game-changer when it comes to efficiently assisting in our efforts to sanitize surfaces onboard.”

Joanna Geraghty
President & COO

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Circuit Rideshare

“Using something like the UVHammer from Dimer really helps us go above and beyond and make sure our riders feel comfortable using our services on a regular basis to get around the city”

Daniel Kramer
Director of Operations & New Business

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