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Our Story

Since 2012, Dimer has led the professional infection control community in UVC research and innovation. Dr. Arthur Kreitenberg, a 35-year board-certified orthopedic surgeon, familiarized himself with Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation and its various applications in healthcare. Impressed with its reliability and efficacy in proper applications, Dr. K looked to explore its potential in other areas.

Dr. K and his son, Elliot ‘Mo’ Kreitenberg, began to build different applications under patented designs that Dimer holds in the US, EU, and Japan. Different areas of focus presented themselves, and varying levels of success were met with products such as the GermRover, for the International Spacestation, and the GermNinja - a UVC disinfection solution for sports balls that a wide range of organizations adopted, from the USA Women’s Volleyball Team to the UCONN basketball teams. 

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dimer began to garner significant attention from national media outlets such as Forbes, CNBC, etc. Dimer has signed a strategic, global partnership agreement with Honeywell with the goal of deploying Dimer’s revolutionary technology between each flight around the world while simultaneously scaling up manufacturing of our UVHammer product line - perfect for everything that doesn’t fly. 


Today, Dimer is busy trying to help define the new public safety standards adopted during the COVID pandemic.

We are now taking orders for our UVHammer® units. Reach out today to learn more.