Analyzing Potential Gaps in Prevention of Room-to-Room Cross-Contamination: Insights for Patients and Their Families

February 2024

Within the domain of optimal environmental hygiene, a critical inquiry arises: Can ostensibly protective tools inadvertently contribute to cross-contamination between rooms? Let’s dig into these UV devices and the challenges they bring.

Consider the scenario: UV “robots” rolling into rooms currently hosting or recently occupied by infected patients. Notably, most of these devices lack dedicated germicidal lights targeting the floor for treatment, or even their own wheels. As the floor is the largest horizontal surface in a room, the machine’s wheels pick up microbes and efficiently transport them to the hallways and the next rooms to be treated, making them potential vectors for germ transmission. Compounding this issue, a device’s power cord, frequently in contact with the floor, introduces an additional vector for the acquisition and transfer of germs between rooms.

The irony is hard to ignore. These machines, intended to be a solution, might be inadvertently causing more harm than good. Why is this critical aspect so easily overlooked? It’s a question that needs answers, especially when the very objective is to prevent the spread of harmful microbes.

Enter the new performance standards. They’re not just about setting rules; they’re about revolutionizing the game. Integrated cross-contamination risk management is now expected, addressing concerns about wheels and cords. This marks a pivotal shift towards meticulous attention to detail in the fight to achieve the cleanest possible environment.

At Dimer, we recognized this gap and closed it. Integrated cross-contamination risk management isn’t an afterthought for us—it’s a standard. All relevant Dimer products, including the UVHammer, prioritize every detail related to surface disinfection.

The Dimer UVHammer features a mounted “floor lamp” to target the floor and all 4 wheels to prevent cross-contamination. Battery power eliminates the need for a power cord.

In The Year of The UVHammer, our commitment lies in providing a nuanced understanding of these challenges and offering insights for informed decision-making.

Join us in March as we persist in shedding light on critical facets of providing the cleanest possible environment, fostering awareness and understanding in The Year of The UVHammer.

Your safety is our unwavering focus.