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April 2024Shedding Light on UV Treatment Effectiveness: A Vital Step in Environmental Disinfection

Many buildings and facilities use chemicals to disinfect their environments in an effort to protect personnel. UV devices are gaining in popularity as UV is environmentally friendly and, when properly deployed, can be more effective than chemicals and safe for personnel and the environment.

March 2024How Dr. K Flipped a Tired Healthcare Technology on its Head

In the world of healthcare innovation, Dr. Kreitenberg’s journey stands as a testament to the power of interdisciplinary learning and adaptation. It all began with a chance encounter in hospital corridors, where the potential of germicidal UV light first captured Dr. K’s imagination. This initial spark ignited a trailblazing path that would reshape the landscape of sanitation technology.

February 2024Analyzing Potential Gaps in Prevention of Room-to-Room Cross-Contamination: Insights for Patients and Their Families

Within the domain of optimal environmental hygiene, a critical inquiry arises: Can ostensibly protective tools inadvertently contribute to cross-contamination between rooms? Let’s dig into these UV devices and the challenges they bring.

January 2024Demanding Standards: Why Healthcare Pros Insist on Standardizing UV Disinfection Devices

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, there’s a buzz about standardized performance testing of UV surface disinfection devices. But why are infection preventionists, healthcare professionals, and standards-writing institutions calling for it? Here’s the scoop that patients need to know.

December 2023Is Your Hospital's Disinfection Falling Short of New Standards?

In the world of healthcare, change is on the horizon. Long-standing disinfection routines might not measure up to the upcoming American National Standards. Before you rush into any purchase deicisions, here’s a heads up: the game is about to change, and you might want to wait for the new standards and manufacturers’ results set to be announced starying Q1 2024.