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Los Angeles, CA  — Nov. 7th, 2023- In the perpetual pursuit of safer healthcare environments, the efficacy of disinfection in hospitals remains a critical concern. Traditional chemical disinfection, often performed manually by EVS workers, while a daily practice, is shown to be only about 50% effective in consistently ensuring operating room cleanliness. [1] In response to these challenges, the emerging technology of whole-room UV disinfection seeks to complement traditional methods, offering a more comprehensive approach to sanitization.

Dimer UV, known for its groundbreaking innovations in UV technology, has recognized the evolving landscape of healthcare disinfection. Following extensive research and collaboration with professionals in the field, Dimer has unveiled the Dimer QB Wristband as a pioneering solution to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of whole-room UV disinfection.

The Quest for Standardization and Efficacy

The lack of standardized metrics and testing criteria for UV disinfection equipment has made it challenging for hospital decision-makers to evaluate and compare various products in the market.

Acknowledging this critical gap, Dimer engaged with infection control professionals at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control conference in 2022.

The consensus from these discussions highlighted two crucial aspects:

The Path to Standardization

Following this pivotal study, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) took a proactive step, forming a committee with the mission to define “Thoroughness of Disinfection” and establish performance criteria for machines in this category.

The ANSI/HSI Standard is scheduled to release the Healthcare Germicidal Light Whole Room Surface Disinfection performance standard in November 2023. This standard delineates a comprehensive list of 50 critical sites in patient rooms and operating rooms, fostering a unified approach to effective disinfection practices.

Establishing a Patient-centric Performance Standard

Empowering UVHammer Operators

Dimer’s commitment to operational mobility and human-driven UV disinfection solutions, such as the UVHammer, underscored the significance of aiding operators in targeting critical surfaces accurately. 

Leveraging the ANSI/HSI’s standardized critical site list, Dimer introduced the QB Wristband.

This innovative wristband equips UVHammer operators with a convenient reference tool featuring the 50 critical sites as identified by the standard.

It ensures a meticulous approach to disinfection, minimizing the risk of human error and guaranteeing the thorough treatment of every essential surface.

The QB Wristband:

A Universal Tool for Enhanced Disinfection

Accessible and relevant to the broader healthcare sector, the QB Wristband is designed to augment existing EVS departments’ efforts. Often, these departments rely on workers entering a room and doing their best, leading to potential human error and limited efficacy, as indicated by the 50% success rate of chemical disinfection.

Dimer’s QB Wristband offers a practical solution to bolster existing disinfection protocols, whether they involve chemical disinfectants or other products. By leveraging the critical site list defined by ANSI/HSI, the wristband becomes a crucial tool, allowing EVS staff to ensure a more comprehensive and effective approach to room disinfection.

The introduction of the Dimer QB Wristband marks a significant stride in standardizing and enhancing the efficacy of whole-room UV disinfection in healthcare facilities. As hospitals strive for heightened cleanliness and safety, this tool serves as a beacon, guiding EVS workers toward a more thorough and systematic disinfection process, ultimately elevating the overall standard of healthcare hygiene.

Contact Dimer UV today to learn more about how the QB Wristband can revolutionize your hospital’s disinfection protocols.


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