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Honeywell’s GermFalcon
Dimer UV Aerospace Exclusive Partner

Honeywell x Dimer: Strategic Global Partnership

On May 31st, 2020, Dimer entered into an exclusive strategic partnership with Honeywell to bring germicidal UV lighting technology to airplanes around the world.

GermFalcon | Honeywell's UV Cabin System

Commercial airlines play a direct role in the way diseases spread around the globe. Airplanes have the unique ability to carry germs across the natural barriers of continents and oceans, but routine and effective treatment of commercial aircraft is not practical. Airlines are not bound by regulations or standards for hygiene onboard.

Previously, chemicals provided the only commercial solution for germ reduction. Unfortunately, chemicals require a wet dwell period for every surface which is simply not feasible on short turns between flights. By contrast, GermFalcon® (now Honeywell’s UV Cabin System), utilizes hospital-proven UVC light to quickly and effectively kill germs on all high touch surfaces of an airplane.

Reaching a strategic partnership with Honeywell has accelerated Dimer’s goal of killing germs between all flights worldwide, curtailing preventable deaths from COVID-19 to influenza.

For inquiries regarding GermFalcon® | UV Cabin Systems for Airplanes, please reach out to Honeywell directly.

Dimer x Honeywell Partnership

On May 31st, 2020, Dimer entered into an exclusive, worldwide strategic partnership with Honeywell International Inc. to bring germicidal UV lighting technology to the Aerospace industry.

The arrangement brings Dimer’s 6-year revolutionary development of GermFalcon, now branded as the Honeywell UV Cabin System, to global aviation.

This strategic partnership will enable Dimer to further commercialize and deploy its germicidal UV technology platform known as UVHammer for broader uses. This breakthrough application of germicidal UV is expected to benefit public transportation, education, hospitality, buildings, theaters and arenas, and small businesses alike.

“We are excited to work with Honeywell. This positions our GermFalcon system in the hands of a leader in worldwide aerospace design, production, and sales. We look forward to Honeywell quickly making this technology available to airlines and other aircraft operators so the industry can begin its recovery.”

Elliot M. Kreitenberg

Co-founder and President , Dimer


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