Operator Driven Mobile UV Disinfection

First of its Kind Mobile UV Disinfection

Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, the UVHammer utilizes the same groundbreaking IP that won Dimer a spot on TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020 –  built to overcome the fundamental issues that hinder traditional stationary UV designs.

The UVHammer is orders of magnitude faster and more effective than any other UVC solution on the market – at a fraction of the cost. The ultra-simple controls enable your existing staff to be fully trained and certified in less than 4 hours, meaning you can stand up the most cutting-edge disinfection process in the world and still make it to lunch on time. 

Your newly-trained UVHammer operators can quickly walk the UVHammer through any room, easily angling the UVC wing to ensure all surfaces are targeted and sanitized – giving your team the peace of mind that their space is the safest it can be.

Product Overview

Operator Driven

Dimer’s Intuitive designs allow for seamless integration into any organizations existing sanitation procedures

Floor & Wheel Disinfection

Under-mounted lamps ensure the UVHammer’s wheels are disinfected to prevent cross-contamination between rooms

Adjustable UV Wing

Dimer’s patented adjustable wing design enables a closer, more effective disinfection process compared to traditional designs


Interchangeable Battery

The UVHammer utilizes a commercial-grade rechargeable battery that can be swapped in seconds – ensuring no downtime

UVC Impervious Shield

Dimer’s patented UVC Impervious shield protects the UVHammer’s operator from 100% of exposure


Touch Sensitive Handles

Dual sensors require both hands to be on the UVHammer at all times ensuring the highest degree of safety

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Patented Mobile Design

The UVHammer is the first of its kind operator-driven UVC solution – ensuring absolute agility in any setting.

Dimer’s patented adjustable wing allows the UVHammer to deliver germicidal light at optimal angles of incidence directly over every surface, eliminating shadows and minimizing the distance between the lamps and the target area.

With ease, the UVHammer can be carted through spaces of any configuration – delivering quick, effective, and consistent disinfection to any target surface.

Proven Disinfection, Unmatched Speed

The UVHammer’s adjustable wing emits concentrated doses of ultraviolet light proven to inactivate all known disease-causing pathogens. 

Extensive testing performed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) further confirmed the UVHammer’s capability to deliver sufficient doses of UVC light to disinfect high-touch surfaces in a matter of seconds.

Dimer's UVHammer: Nemko Validation Report

Patented UVC Impervious Shield

Dimer’s patented UVC impervious shield protects the UVHammer’s operator from 100% of UV exposure – ensuring the highest level of safety standards. Independent 3rd-party testing further validates Dimer’s claims indicating zero detectable UVC reaches the operator side of the UVC Impervious Shield.

Before an operator can access the UVHammer’s control panel, or power the unit on, the UVC Impervious Shield must be secured into place further limiting the possibility of operator error.

Touch Sensitive Operator Handles

To further prevent operator error, the UVHammer’s lamps are activated by a two-handed touch-sensitive handlebar.

In the event an operator attempts to leave the safety of the integrated Impervious Shield – the UVHammer’s lamps immediately shut off once a single hand is removed from the handlebar.

No Operational Downtime

Dead battery? No problem, every UVHammer comes equipped with a spare rechargeable battery that can be swapped out in seconds – ensuring no wasted downtime.

The UVHammer’s commercial-grade battery is rated to last for 2 hours. With charging taking around 2 hours the UVHammer can be utilized around the clock.

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