UVHammer Studies

UV Studies Proving the Effectiveness of the UVHammer

StudyDimer UVHammer Efficacy & Safety Validation

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) validated study regarding efficacy and safety claims for the UVHammer.

StudyAntimicrobial Evaluation of Dimer UV Treated Articles

IAC lab specializing in antimicrobial testing validated Dimer UV designs will perform comparably to chemical disinfectants, and exceed FDA thresholds for “disinfectant” labeling. Testing showed Dimer UV designs required less than half the allowed time to achieve equivalent (or greater) results.

StudyHow The Canyon Wall Effect Limits Traditional UVC Disinfection Efficacy

Germs are about one micron large, textured real-life surfaces typically reach depths >1mm. (Your fingerprint is 1mm deep, for reference). A vertical lamp targeting a horizontal surface incidentally creates micro shadowing for germs to hide. The UVHammer is designed to overcome these limitations and optimize efficacy.

NewDimer's UVC Solution: Before & After Samples

Dimer showcases the effectiveness of the UVHammer with before and after samples taken off of various surface types.