Demanding Standards: Why Healthcare Pros Insist on Standardizing UV Disinfection Devices

January 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, there’s a buzz about standardized performance testing of UV surface disinfection devices. But why are infection preventionists, healthcare professionals, and standards-writing institutions calling for it? Here’s the scoop that patients need to know.

Breaking News: Not All UV Disinfection Devices are Created Equal!

Although many UVC machines look similar, that doesn’t mean they achieve germ-kill similarly. Soon to be published “Performance Standards” promise to provide professionals with a report card objectively showing the level of germ-kill on relevant healthcare surfaces.

The demand for standards isn’t just a whim; it’s a necessity. Think about it: without standardized practices, how can we ensure the effectiveness of UV disinfection devices? In a world where infection prevention is paramount, it’s time to level up. The voices behind this call for standardization are the Infection Preventionists and healthcare professionals who are in the trenches, fighting to keep us all safe. They’re the ones who see the nitty-gritty of disinfection practices, and consequences of ineffective treatment day in and day out. a large clinical trial, a group of patients cared for in rooms treated by a stationary pulsed xenon germicidal UV light emitting device was compared to a group of patients cared for in rooms treated by a “sham” device. The study suggests the sham device outperformed the pulsed xenon device (p-value=.23).

So, why the push for objective measurements of device germ-kill performance? It’s about ensuring reliability, efficacy, and ultimately caring for patients in an environment with lower levels of germs. 

Stay tuned for the next installment in February as we delve deeper into the journey of setting new standards in healthcare disinfection.

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