How Dr. K Flipped a Tired Healthcare Technology on its Head

March 2024

In the world of healthcare innovation, Dr. Kreitenberg’s journey stands as a testament to the power of interdisciplinary learning and adaptation. It all began with a chance encounter in hospital corridors, where the potential of germicidal UV light first captured Dr. K’s imagination. This initial spark ignited a trailblazing path that would reshape the landscape of sanitation technology.

Dr. K’s first step into the germicidal UV space, himself, can be traced back to the creation of the GermNinja, a device initially conceived for the sanitization of sports balls. Through this endeavor, Dr. K gleaned a crucial lesson: the significance texture has on the surface area of the target, especially relative to microscopic germs and areas they can hide, think basketballs vs. volleyballs. Dr. K coined this phenomenon the “Canyon Wall Effect” and laid the groundwork for much of Dimer’s germ-killing design philosophies.

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The bowling ball is glassy smooth but the basketball is textured and their true surface area is very different because of the basketball’s texture.

The GermFalcon, born from Dr. K’s inquiry into infection prevention efforts among commercial transportation, showcased the effectiveness produced by optimizing the angle of incidence and adding operational mobility to streamline and improve the disinfection process. In 2020, Honeywell partnered with Dimer to manufacture, distribute, and service the newly named “Honeywell UV Treatment System” to airlines and transportation carriers across the globe. These physical principles learned in aircraft cabins were seamlessly integrated into the design of the UVHammer—a revolutionary device ready to improve workflow and effectiveness of cleaning protocols in healthcare environments.

The Honeywell UV Treatment System, formerly known as Dimer’s GermFalcon

Indeed, the journey outside healthcare significantly contributed to the exceptional capabilities of the UVHammer. By leveraging insights gleaned from diverse sectors, Dr. K and his team have crafted a solution poised to revolutionize sanitation practices in healthcare facilities.

As Dimer UV advances the UVHammer device into the market, we are actively seeking the participation of industry professionals and their organizations in our research and data collection efforts. We invite healthcare professionals to join Dimer in this endeavor. Your facility’s participation can be crucial in conducting research, collecting data, and publishing studies necessary to drive innovation and improve environmental hygiene.