Battling for Patient-Centric Innovation

May 2024

In the world of healthcare, innovation should thrive to ensure the best outcomes for patients. Unfortunately, some powerful manufacturers seem more interested in protecting their market share than fostering progress. This stifling of competition hurts patients and hospitals alike.

Recently, the ANSI/HSI standard was published, thanks to a committee including several APIC members. This patient-centric standard promises to create a level playing field for evaluating UV disinfection products. Here’s why it matters:

1. Clear Performance Metrics

The standard provides easily understood letter grades based on thoroughness of disinfection performance. This transparency allows hospitals to make informed choices.

2. Time Efficiency

Results will include the time required to achieve each grade, helping hospitals evaluate both effectiveness and efficiency.

3. Head-to-Head Comparisons

For the first time, buyers can compare products based on standardized testing. This data-driven approach will highlight which systems truly perform the best.

APIC 2024: 20-foot banner featured at APIC Conference in San Antonio encouraging infection control professionals to contribute toward pushing the industry toward greater transparency and innovation.

The ANSI/HSI standard tests 50 operating room sites against MRSA and 50 patient room sites against C.Diff.
This comprehensive approach ensures that performance is measured in real-world conditions.

Action Item for Readers

To ensure you get the best UV disinfection technology, demand that your UV provider tests their products against the industry’s performance standard, “ANSI-HSI 2000-2023 Healthcare Germicidal Light Whole-Room Surface Disinfection.” Insist they make these results public. This will push the industry towards greater transparency and innovation, ultimately benefiting patients and healthcare facilities.

Don’t let big manufacturers stifle innovation. Advocate for standards and transparency to drive the market towards better, more effective solutions.