UVHammer disinfectant solution with lights on and threeUV logo in top right

The Dimer UVHammer leverages the fastest, most effective surface disinfection technology that can be utilized in nearly any commercial environment

LOS ANGELES, July 13, 2021 – Dimer announces its partnership with threeUV, an industry leader in UV-C technology distribution with decades of experience. This newfound partnership will further enable Dimer to place its marque UV-C disinfection solution, the UVHammer, into the hands of healthcare providers and schools across the country.

On May 6th, threeUV announced it had secured a three-year NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance) contract for UV-C disinfection solutions, valued at over $150m. The company went on to win another three year contract weeks later with TIPS, one of the largest K-12 Cooperative contract providers in the U.S. With schools making up a large portion of partners, these contracts provide an excellent opportunity for threeUV to drive the adoption of cutting edge UV-C infection prevention technology in districts across the country.

Independent studies have shown the importance of proper disinfection protocols in schools as it relates to absenteeism and student success. In one study by the University of Arizona, scientists found that children in classrooms that were not cleaned daily were more than two times as likely to be absent due to illness.

The UVHammer offers an operator-driven UV cart that can be seamlessly pushed through spaces actively disinfecting all high-touch surfaces in its path. Unlike traditional UV designs, the UVHammer requires no cycle times or repositioning around a room enabling hospital-grade disinfection in a fraction of the time of other solutions.

This operationally mobile device is perfect for education settings, capable of quickly disinfecting spaces of any layout such as classrooms, offices, bathrooms as well as larger spaces such as cafeterias, kitchens, and athletic facilities.

“We are excited to add the UVHammer to threeUV’s comprehensive portfolio of UV solutions,” says Dimer President, Elliot Kreitenberg. “We expect the UVHammer to be a staple in their surface disinfection offering, enabling an affordable, and effective system to keep people safe year-round.”

threeUV CEO Nathan Branch said, “Winning numerous Cooperative purchasing contracts has been a fantastic achievement for threeUV. We are proud to market the largest portfolio of UV-C air, surface, and water solutions in the U.S. We look forward to partnering with Dimer and marketing UVHammer, a truly best-in-class surface disinfection solution. UVHammer is a fantastic proposition for K-12 schools as they search for ways to make facilities safer as they welcome students and teachers back through the classroom”

About threeUV:
threeUV, a brand of Med Solutions LLC, markets the largest portfolio of UV-C air, surface, and water infection prevention technology in the United States. UV-C is a highly effective defense against the pandemic and proven to kill bacteria and pathogens that cause legionnaires disease, the common cold, hay fever, influenza, and other everyday conditions. UV-C is proven to lower infection rates and reduces absenteeism among students. threeUV products include UV-C air cleansing systems, fully autonomous UV-C robots, remotely operated UV-C disinfection carts, UV-C chambers, UV-C tablet, and cellphone disinfection devices, and UV-C water solutions.